How To Get Water From Trees!

Quick tip today, a good way to get quick and good drinking water is from trees to main trees use our maple and birch now we have a lot of river birds around here and right now is a perfect time to tap them using tap maple birch trees and although capital trees in the spring when it’s really cold during the night really warm during the day reisen’s want to slow down during the night but during the day it’s just gonna be rushing up by the gallon all right out of my taps already I probably got two or three gallons I’m gonna show you all the way that y’all can make a tap if you don’t have an electric drill or hand drill or anything but nice okay stay tuned what we have here is a river birch tree and these are really cool and useful trees but right now for such a time the tap them now tap them you’re basically just punching a hole in the tree and you are utilizing the resin that’s coming out of the tree because it’s very very very water rich got a few minerals in it and if you simmer it down board a little bit it’s actually ordinarily sweet you can actually go down into a syrup alright so you’re going to in knife but you’re also going to attack a way to collect the resin so you’re also wanting a container I have like Pantene use a canteen cup you can use an improvised container from bark you know it slows the trees you can harvest bark from a container out of Bert’s being one of them but you wouldn’t need a pine resin to help seal it hit the holes out of it alright let me see something skip I just think right here will work hold it Franklin I wanted to do but here a little sick you’re basically going to get the bark off of the stick and you’re going to split it in half straight down the middle now you’re going to carve a little Gorge into it and that’s what your resin is going to flow down and into your vessel so let’s get the bark off of this all right so split right down the middle keep the blade away from you when something this small you can just press it straight in the middle like that let me just start prying push it in and then cross some more and just keep going until it splits like you want it that knot in the middle you get fit airy goes okay so now we have our half smooth it out a little bit then what you’re going to do is just carve a little Gorge straight down the middle right here just trying to create a small little ravine in there for it to flow down flip it over and do it on the other side see the little Gorge in there all right next thing you’re going to want to do she’s going to want to punch a hole in the tree hey you going to want to set your container out deep cut the rest so he returned trees the base of our tree where they need the base so we can just put a pot or container just directly below it to help make things a little bit simpler for us so push your container out okay I mean you know ba-ba-ba-ba me and once your knife you can also use a tomahawk if you have one to spike on the back that’s awesome so let’s get rid of some of this bark right here alright then we’re just going to touch a nice little hole in here so get a hole in there however you can now you can twist the knife roll around like this let’s make this whole little bit deeper just beat the knife in that helps sharpen this a little bit so it sticks in the tree and that’s a birch tap so right quick what I’m going to do I’m going to show you all my real taps I have that are actually set up to actually you know really collect resin and the juice so if I go this now it’s not an official tap because I don’t have a actual tapping implement but I do have a straw okay perfect size matching drill hole and this is all the resin I’ve collected so far and I stuck this tap out no more than an hour ago probably I’m deeper you make the hole the more fluids you want to get out at one time but just remember that after you’re done um try to plug the hole it’s just it’s beneficial for the tree if you plug the hole afterwards so be it use Han resident or in a few minutes and we got a little bit in there you know it’s slow so it’s not very deep so that’s how you make a tap to get clean drinking fluid out in the wild however I would not recommend you keep this out and open air for 24 hours as it can actually ferment.

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How to get Water from Trees, another informative post.

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