Duo Survival: 72 hours, One tool each

What up kinfolks dual existence for 72 hours a brand-new unexplored terrain for us never be here beef and we are only drew our bayonet and axe and I generated fishing boundary and fastens and a assortment of camera paraphernalium dandy we’re not gonna use for each other also first eight also not to be used is ridiculously late yes we make it hard for yourself it’s like seven nothing is done so certain going down soon I better get going let’s go big special feature where you can incline it up a bit higher it’s fixed our the ring is unbearable we’re really stuck in the submerge Jean Nix yeah that’s a good start isn’t it unbelievable everywhere you go everywhere you go nonsensical stop messing around beings it’s not moving unusually smooth here no I recall the area is everywhere will be tough like this boy we’re stuck in some shrubs but we did perceived yourself try settle how is it okay okay we’re gonna set now for tonight temporary yeah the brook is not more far away we’ll rough it here maybe invest our time making a fire I think this could be very useful to no cloth usage some bits and pieces now gonna dry Moss from the two sides on this does not constitute the back we’re great for bird nest barrage is certainly the Peary or’ ti cuz the midgets oh it’s bad okay producing block I won’t really how are you doing you’re bad though I can’t bend drill like this man well hurry up previously man that’s the thing with midges there’s so many of them it’s like they’re gonna ever gonna be there pretend they’re all I never suffered something like this so if you’re rubbing your face yes that’s nothing you’re just squander your time because it’s gonna it’s only disappearing a better when you have your dough now soul yeah that’s true so then this the artist man he known to be about it teaming niggas they are pretty good all right we need that shell leading I have to run around for B oh that’s stupid well squandering exertion and nothing is gonna be fixed oh man it’s most easy not so hard awesome awesome like hey we swap I don’t know guy I don’t know if this is the right hood and formerly you’re here sitting still fright affects it’s so nice as soon as you have the fighters midget or artillery oh yeah oh yeah extraordinary an breathtaking that’s it and the wood is reeking lettuce here oh yeah the try some new grove well oh I had to climb a tree for it to get it it doesn’t seem too bad man not much luck with the fore teach so now we go to bed well that bad is a big word the midget comes back but Chiefs are accentuated rough yesterday men and the bare ground here was great too was lovely oh yeah what would third we’ll quality in bad time to pack up and go pinpoint other locations nearby a good fishing discern doesn’t know that no here comes the camera alright resolve down now the midgets are driving me crazy again it’s ridiculous humankind I don’t know if you can see this it’s madness you go psycho if you be in this situation for them for much longer if we were on a freakin sea-coast yes you see in this damn it is the finest that’s the finest you have everything ready for the flame no string winds often we got it move our baby hour okay firebase smooth her set our there’s another Butler that stop that we got fire but we don’t have a lot of firewood do we the old spindle a lot of exasperations burning apart now and unexpectedly the mick it’s not turn the next we’re going to try and stone the boys some spray to make a natural receptacle some stones make it water receptacle in now all right I’m going to throw some embers in the hole we just smoothing in and out of it okay my fanciful large-scale stones and some water knockings ball be careful I hope they’re hot enough oh that’s very hot already the spray at some yearn needle flavor breathtaking and this preferences good as well yeah a good theory with the pine needles mm-hmm pine needle tea the finest hmm lovely time to go home I chipped myself in the frickin read and that’s survival – on some lice for dinner yum yum savory neat follower will do some fishing in a bit climates reforming is gonna look too good okay finish up the refuge how was the fisheries industry going dinner warlock so far now we’re going to fix that try over there check out division 2 coming up next week Thursday p.m.

UTC will we catch some fish and it “ve been able to” some surprising tournament changers so if you like our content of nature bushcraft and existence satisfy subscribe to the channel and maybe turn on notifications by clicking the buzzer icon hope you liked it would be great to hear your opinion in the comments maybe hand a like likewise check out our previous video in which didn’t meet with one another in next compositions pierce thanks for watching see you on the next one.

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