DIY Faraday Box Cage Construction for your Phone

A Faraday Box or Faraday Cage is a box lined with metal that will protect electronic devices in the very unfortunate event of an EMP or electomagnetic pulse attack. These attacks can be brought on by the detonation of a large conventional or nuclear warhead in the atmosphere well over our heads. The electrical waves of energy that would cross the continent would render electronic devices unable to operate to include computers, power plants and engines that use computers to operate.

As you can imagine the effects on a modern society like the United States would be devastating. The effects would be similar in other nations as well, even a third world nation would be affected but they are not as nearly dependent on electronic devices as we are here.

These effects can also be brought on by a CME or coronal mass ejection from the sun. CME is very similar to an EMP but the energy comes from the sun that is blown away from the Sun to the Earth by way of a solar flare and filament eruptions. These do happen occasionally where we can have problems with radio signals but Astronomers can generally give us a warning and let us know ahead of time. They do not happen very frequently where they cause great problems on Earth.

How Do You Build One?

Commonly used enclosures include metal garbage cans, popcorn tins, cookie tins and even tightly sealed metal filing cabinets.  One important things for all cages, the metal container must be lined with insulating material to prevent the delicate contents from having any contact whatsoever with the metal.  Examples of insulating material are rubber, wood, cardboard, styrofoam, and even carpet scraps.

Here is another basic cage you can build with very fine chicken wire around a wooden frame. Nothing fancy, furring strip will do, as long as the items do not touch the metal wire.

In an absolute emergency when you don’t have time to build a box, use your microwave oven. It doesn’t have the same protections as a well-prepared cage but it is better than nothing.

I’ve even seen ammo cans lined with a soft material used as a good basic and small cage.

What to Put in the Faraday Cage?

Anything electronic or has a chip, such as: credit cards, cell phones, laptops, cable tv converter hehe, radio and any USB storage devices.

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DIY Faraday Box Cage
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