Bulletproof Backpack Review | Protect Your Child with a Guard Dog ProShield Bookbag

Bulletproof Backpack Review | Protect Your Child

Here we are going to test the Guard Dog Security ProShield bookbag or backpack bulletproof vest.  It says it’s certified 3a so let’s see what happens.

I’m going to test it first for the 9mm then a .45 cal. I’m going to open it up and see we get. Okay, here I have the bag set up on the target with a stiff backer. I’m using a sheet of plywood today. First impressions, it’s actually a pretty sturdy bag. It has comfort strips on the back, pretty solid backpack.

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The level 3A Kevlar is on the back of the bag. So here my thoughts are, I’m going to shoot it in the front first and then I’m actually going to turn it around and shoot it directly into the Kevlar and see what happens.

So here we go for test #1. Here we are today at the range and we’re going to practice taking a couple of shots on the ProShield backback – I’m going to shoot it first with the 9 millimeter 124 grain hollow point bullet. Of course make sure you’re wearing glasses and ear protection. So let’s see what happens!

The first couple of shots downrange, let’s just see! You can see two entrance holes on the front. Now, let’s just see what we have coming out of the back. We’re going to be impressed with it and there’s nothing. The back is intact and hole-free. When we look inside we see what we have. Inside you can see the nylon fabric layers have holes from the bullets but it did not go all the way through the bag.

The Kevlar layer stopped the 9mm bullets!

Now we’re going to hit it a couple more times. That’s amazing what a 9mm does to the bag but doen’t go through and would protect the student thart was wearing the bag!

We’re going to going to shoot it with a 230 gr .45 cal hollow point round. So I’m going to step a little further back I’d like to be 9-10 feet back. Let’s see what we got! As you can see it got hit pretty good. Taking a look immediately to the back and see if anything came through. So here’s what we have we have penetration on the multi-hit. Here it came through, but here’s what’s important to know. This would create some blunt trauma to the body but the bullet did not come through. Which is pretty good, I like it. Considering it was 11 rounds fired into this bag, we’re going to give it a pass for sure.

Any Kevlar protection will diminish with multiple bullet strikes. It’s just a natural degradation of the product with repeated rounds. Which may be scary but it is rather unlikely to be hit numerous times in the same place as we are doing here. This is an extreme test of the bag.

It is clear that this bag gives excellent protection to the student! I would highly recommend this bag!

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  • CERTIFIED BULLETPROOF: Providing NIJ Level IIIA protection, the Guard Dog ProShield Smart is supplied with a certification of testing
  • BUILT-IN CHARGING BANK: Charge your mobile devices from your backpack while you’re on the move – 4000mAh charger then plugs directly into the wall when time to recharge
  • CONVENIENT TRAVEL: TSA-approved quick-open back prevents the need to remove laptop and tablet for security screenings, and an RFID blocker pouch secures your private information
  • SECURE STORAGE: Backpack’s 20 compartments includes an ID pocket, RFID Blocker Pouch, 18 inch laptop and tablet sleeves and even a hands-free phone holder on the strap
  • STYLE AND FUNCTION: The ProShield Smart is designed to the final detail so you can wear it daily with protection for when you least expect it. Included is a built-in rain poncho that protects your bag in the event of rain or snow.

hands free phone holder charging port

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