You Might be a Survivalist if……..

You Might be a Survivalist if

You might be a Survivalist/Prepper IF…

– you have more food than the local Mini-Mart.

– you can spout the location of every mosque, nuclear target, and possible civilian targets in a tri-state area.

– your wife has to remind you to leave the college fund money alone when puchasing “stuff”.

– you have more money tied up in your BOV than you do your BOL.

– the local police chief calls you when the have a question about firearms.

– the Fire Department has you on the list as a source of available water during a time of crisis.

– You have enough experience with shaking cans so that you can tell what is in it even when there is no label on it.

– You know 15 ways to preserve meat, but can’t answer the question “what’s for dinner honey?”.

– The aforementioned Fire Department has a map of your house indicating powder and silver storage (think falling safe) locations to be aware of if ever there is a fire.

– You know what a “fan Di-Pole” is and you actually have a six legged one on your property.

– Your three year old learned “the 10” of firearms safety before he even knew how to read.

– Your one year old practices OPSEC.

– You bought diamonds that had nothing to do with making a woman happy.

– You have 3 backups to every resource that enters your home.

– Your will is written so cryptically that the attorney calls it a “Scavenger Hunt”.

– You have parts guns that support your backup guns.

– you know that hail and solar panels = SHTF

– You own more rounds of ammo than you have dollars in the bank.
–  Walmart calls to let me know the 5 gal. buckets are in stock again.
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