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Russian Propaganda Video Shows an ICBM Landing on Florida

A few days ago, a video was released showing a new nuclear missile that is capable of evading detection and flying from Russia to the United States. The simulated target was Florida. Home to numerous military bases and command units in the U.S. military, the video has caused great concern and the normal rheteroic.

The video also shows the missile snaking around radar defenses throughout the world to avoid detection. While this would be a worrysome feature of the new missile system, it is highly unlikely they have the capability to undertake such a task.

The Pentagon has dismissed the threats of the new Russian nuclear-powered missile.

“We’re not surprised by the statement,” Defense spokeswoman Dana White told reporters Thursday. “And the American people should rest assured that we are fully prepared.”


It should also be noted there is a Russian election coming up in the next week that is certainly his way of curry favoring his base with anti-U.S. talk and threats. Just the same ole ‘Putin.


Open Carry vs. Concealed Carry

open carry vs concealed carry

Ever wonder why more people don’t open carry today? Some would say, “Why would you”.

There are many different ways of looking at the issue. But it’s something to consider even after a terrible incident as we just saw in Las Vegas a few days ago (which would not have changed considering the issue we speak of today).

I do understand the notion of potentially becoming a target during the highly unlikely event of a violent encounter. However a potential violent situation may also be averted if the criminal sees someone else who is openly carrying. Would you agree or disagree? It must also be said that being in a crime prone area would increase the potential to be involved in a violent situation which shows the old adage of location is key, still holds true.

open carry vs concealed carry

I also understand the potential for a percentage of the common public to become uncomfortable seeing another who is openly carrying. This is specially true in population dense areas where many are ‘programmed’ anti-gun or certain cities/states that do not agree with the 2nd Amendment.

Would we feel compelled or more comfortable to open carry if we saw more doing it around us? What about concealed carry? How many of them are around us?

I think the most important aspect of carrying a firearm on your person is knowing how to use the weapon. 

Did you hear that? Yes, know the weapon before you carry it. Go to the range and practice with your carry weapon. Please don’t think you are going to get a concealed carry permit (if you need one), buy a new gun and strap it to your waist and be safe; it’s folly! You need training and practice to get prepared for an event you never want to have to deal with. Trust me! Protect yourself and your family!

Looking for the finest concealed carry holster available?Open Carry vs. Concealed Carry

Looking for Curious what your state is?? Look below for your state and always check with local law enforcement to verify.

Open Carry States Without Permit

New Hampshire
New Mexico
North Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

Check for caveats!
(e.g. vehicle, rural only, city jurisdictions, other restrictions)


Open Carry States With Permit

New Jersey
North Dakota
Rhode Island

Check for caveats!
(e.g. vehicle, rural only, city jurisdictions, other restrictions)


No Open Carry States

New York
South Carolina


Constitutional Carry States

Idaho (residents only)
New Hampshire
West Virginia
Wyoming (residents only)


You Might be a Survivalist if……..

You Might be a Survivalist if

You might be a Survivalist/Prepper IF…

– you have more food than the local Mini-Mart.

– you can spout the location of every mosque, nuclear target, and possible civilian targets in a tri-state area.

– your wife has to remind you to leave the college fund money alone when puchasing “stuff”.

– you have more money tied up in your BOV than you do your BOL.

– the local police chief calls you when the have a question about firearms.

– the Fire Department has you on the list as a source of available water during a time of crisis.

– You have enough experience with shaking cans so that you can tell what is in it even when there is no label on it.

– You know 15 ways to preserve meat, but can’t answer the question “what’s for dinner honey?”.

– The aforementioned Fire Department has a map of your house indicating powder and silver storage (think falling safe) locations to be aware of if ever there is a fire.

– You know what a “fan Di-Pole” is and you actually have a six legged one on your property.

– Your three year old learned “the 10” of firearms safety before he even knew how to read.

– Your one year old practices OPSEC.

– You bought diamonds that had nothing to do with making a woman happy.

– You have 3 backups to every resource that enters your home.

– Your will is written so cryptically that the attorney calls it a “Scavenger Hunt”.

– You have parts guns that support your backup guns.

– you know that hail and solar panels = SHTF

– You own more rounds of ammo than you have dollars in the bank.
–  Walmart calls to let me know the 5 gal. buckets are in stock again.

Hurricane Preparedness Checklist 2017 – 10 Must Have Items

Hurricane Preparedness Checklist 2017 - 10 Must Have Items
Hurricane Preparedness Checklist 2017


Source: Wikimedia Commons

As of 9/18/17, it’s been over a week now since Irma hit Florida and we still have over 250,000 homes in the dark. Just to remind you, it’s still in the 90’s here during the day and as I write there is another storm ‘Maria’ in the Atlantic ready to strike the Eastern Antilles.


Hurricanes are amazingly powerful storms that do unbelievable amounts of damage in a very short time. The wind can easily take down trees which takes down power poles and lines leaving us in the dark. The rainfall can cause flooding during the storm and even a week or two later as we are seeing with the Withlacoochee River.

The sound of generators, people trudging through flooded homes and dogs taking cover on top of cars to keep from being swept away are still very fresh in our minds. Thorough planning and execution of a disaster plan is essential and necessary to deal with the occasional natural disaster. Here is Florida, we generally have lots of time to prepare which is good for us but begs the question. What do I need for a hurricane.

Here are the top 10 must have items that are required to have on your Hurricane Preparedness Checklist 2017:

  1. Bottled water – any size you can find (1 gallon/person/day)
  2. Non-perishable food (canned food is great but have a can opener too, especially if it can be eaten right from the can)
  3. Way of cooking your food (BBQ grill works great but keep it outside)
  4. Flashlights and batteries, including (especially) for your phone
  5. Battery operated radio (to hear weather reports and emergency updates)
  6. Basic first-aid kit (band-aids, gauze and ointment to fix minor scrapes as well as ibuprofen or aspirin)
  7. Toilet paper and paper towels or wet-naps
  8. Insect repellent preferably with DEET (the bugs grow fast after a water borne storm)
  9. A complete set of important documents (identification, birth certificates, insurance, marriage license, property deeds, vehicle titles and cash) in a waterproof container
  10. Rain gear (ponchos and boots; forget the umbrella they fly away in a storm)

Keep in mind that most of these items will go fast when the storm is getting close. Three days out of Irma and I couldn’t get bottled water. Water generally is good for a few years so don’t be shy about getting a few extra gallons, you’ll use them in more ways down the road.

Solution to this problem: Save a few milk or water jugs and fill them with water while the water is still flowing.

Hurricane Preparedness Checklist 2017

empty milk jugs

Store these item on high ground in your home. If they need to be on ground level, get some 5 gallon buckets to seal the items in if they will be destroyed by water exposure. If not, then just put them in a tote together so you can find everything.

Hurricane Preparedness Checklist 2017

5 gallon buckets

This is not an exhaustive hurricane supply list but the bare necessities to get you by when you don’t have a lot of time to get ready.

Feel free to print out the Hurricane Preparedness Checklist 2017 – 10 must have items for future reference.


Stay tuned for a more detailed list and more specific topics and kits to help you get ready for the “Big One”.