20 Wilderness Survival Tips!

Can you spare a zipper if so that you can make yourself an improvised fishhook just break off the zip and bust open the loop pull out the loose end to a 90 degree slant and then use a rough stone to grind abide disclosed gratuity down into a sharp level and there you go and easy to build improvised fishhook alternatively you can turn the ring tabs of any disposed soda cans into fish hooks to expend bullet casings is also available repurposed into makeshift arrowheads just grab a large rock and pounce the casing flat remove the uncrushable rim by deflect the metal backward and forward until it interrupts off and once that’s all done and dusted grab a coarse stone and begin grinding down and sculpting that metal into your desired hour head shape and after a lil bit of elbow grease you’ll have a sharp-worded and strong metal Arrowhead if your boots are dripping wet and you need to dry them out then you’ll probably place them next to your campfire well that’s good but we can do better gather up a few large dried non porous rocks and place them on the edge of your campfire wait until those rock-and-rolls are piping hot and and carefully home them inside your boot this style your boots will dry out much quicker and much more thoroughly as they’re glean from both the outside and the inside if you’ve left the house then chances are you’ve brought along your home keys well the jagged teeth of these keys can be used as a small impromptu heard to find the small notches required to allow primitive traps and various other tools if you’re struggling to find tenders or natural fire-starting substances then have a look down at your socks cotton and wool are flammable natural materials so if you are wearing cotton or woolen socks then you can pluck off any loose strands and fibers for a neat little flammable tinder piling for a few sparks decide no sock fibers will combust into flames mosquitoes and other insects are repelled by the sense of time so if mosquitoes are a concern then grab a cluster of pine needles mash them up in your hands and then rub the oils they release onto your clothes and that should keep the mosquitoes away you can also burn pine needles over your fire for an ambient insect repellent for your entire camp if you have no knife but you’re in need of a sharp-witted cutting tool then try looking around for flint rocks these generally tan rock-and-rolls with a shiny blacknes interior can be rifts open and crash together to chip off small-scale flakes and scraps to have a razor-sharp edge consider replacing your ordinary boot laces with seven strand 550 paracord so if you’re ever in need of emergency cordage then you can only pull out a few of those incredibly strong inner strands alternatively you can just take off the whole boot lace for the strong string required for bow drill friction fires consider adding a small birthday candle into your survival kit that way if your life through is running out of fuel or you’re down to your last match you are able to simply transfer the flare to the candle which gives you a lot more time to work with it also those party deception illuminating candles work well as a wind proof of flame carrier many backpacks will have a soft foam padding and in most cases this foam padding is flammable so for an emergency tinder only cut out a few fragments of the foam and then energetically drive your triggers into them to eventually grow fire try not to breathe in the fumes though as they will be toxic if your plastic water bottle has convex curvature then if you angle it just right in front of the Sun then you can focus down the sun’s rays like a magnifying glass for a hail-mary fire attaining method if you’re on the brink of dehydration and in need of some clean safe drinking water but so you have on you is a mere plastic bottle then worry not because you can still boil and purify liquid over the fire in merely a mere plastic bottle the plastic can withstand the intense heat of the flame without melting or deforming so long as there is water inside to keep the bottle firm plastic bottles could not only boil water but they can also filter your liquid too so if the only water you have available to use the filthy dirty putrid pond liquid then the usual trick is to cut the bottle in half the bottom will be your boiling beaker and the top will be your sea filter so construct the filter simply Pierce a few holes into the lid and then gather up some moss some grass and some small-minded stones and place them all into the top half you are able to pour your filthy water through this makeshift filter and it will come out a lot cleaner not perfect but certainly cleaner now take your boiling cup full of filtered sea and region it into the fire keep the fire tiny and under control and what as the ocean begins to boil the end result is a cup of clean drinkable water and a reusable intact beaker and filter a word of carefulnes though this method does indeed release toxic carcinogenic plastic chemicals into the water so only user the last resort boozing that stuff is not good for your long-term health but it will retain you alive but now hands are able to obtain fairly filthy eating with them carries the risk of getting ill well avoid potential illness by eating with makeshift chopsticks only split a protrude down the middle and home a branch or stone in between the slouse now you can grab an eat your food without having to worry about bacteria as you can just stump the tips-off in boiling ocean to wholly sterilize them if you need to get going but you’re worried about how you’ll get your next flame well-lighted then before you go grab a large piece of leftover charcoal and take that with you because as long as you have a spark thrower then you can reignite that charcoal back into a glowing Ember if you happen to stumble across any abandoned soda cans then you can make a portable windproof stove one that you can cook upon or merely have as a little warm fire by the entrance of your shelter if torrential cloudburst avoids you from having a fire on the outside so make it simply cut into the side of the can from the top down slice from all the regions of the top and bottom until you have a capital R shaped cut and this is your window simply peel em open and you’re good to go place your tenders and kindling inside the can and sunlights it up for a portable cooking stove small-scale pre-drilled ferrocerium spark stream poles is also available worked into jacket zipper poles with this you’ll ever have an incognito fire-making device on you at all periods if your cell phone has run out of battery or is no longer working then you can take it apart to unlock a multitude of handy survival tools earthly remove the screen and all of the back screen components beneath a few strata you will find a pristine reflect you can use this as a signal reflect to reflect and fresh sunlight signals into the cockpits of planes or helicopters to get their attention dive deep into the phone to expose the circuit boards with these committees you can do two things firstly you can make arrowheads either carefully snapped the board members or vigorously grind them down against a rock into that wanted Arrowhead shape these circuit boards are quite soft so grinding them down isn’t too much difficulty secondly you can create a sharp-worded cutting tool use a rough stone to grind an angle into the edge and you’ll have a bootleg knife that you can use to cut cloth or shave wood also if you carry headphones with your telephone then they can be used as wire snares for small-minded play they probably won’t be very effective but it’s worth a shot behind the speaker element you will find a magnet with this magnet you can make an improvised compass all you’ll need in addition to the magnet is a small metal strip construct either of cast-iron or stainless steel this could be a needle from your first-aid kit a hair pin a piece of hair clip or simply a metal pin out of a watch strap to attain your compass simply scratch the magnet down the duration of the metal pin for several minutes afterwards your metal pin will now be magnetized with both in draw and repulsing magnetic pole now if this pin is given something to float upon then it will align itself with the Earth’s North and South magnetic poles giving you a north to south directional path this is exactly how ordinary compass project so grab a leaf and find the perfectly steel puddle puts your leaf onto the puddle and then delicately home your magnetized metal pin onto the leaf it will immediately begin to rotate and eventually settle once it has aligned with the Earth’s magnetic field giving you that north-to-south directional cable generally the end of the pin that’s pointing the farthest away from the Sun will be north and the end of the pin that’s pointing closest towards the Sun will be south this is only true for the northern hemisphere for the southern hemisphere those guidances are reversed that’s all for now thank you for watching and peace

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How To Get Water From Trees!

Quick tip today, a good way to get quick and good drinking water is from trees to main trees use our maple and birch now we have a lot of river birds around here and right now is a perfect time to tap them using tap maple birch trees and although capital trees in the spring when it’s really cold during the night really warm during the day reisen’s want to slow down during the night but during the day it’s just gonna be rushing up by the gallon all right out of my taps already I probably got two or three gallons I’m gonna show you all the way that y’all can make a tap if you don’t have an electric drill or hand drill or anything but nice okay stay tuned what we have here is a river birch tree and these are really cool and useful trees but right now for such a time the tap them now tap them you’re basically just punching a hole in the tree and you are utilizing the resin that’s coming out of the tree because it’s very very very water rich got a few minerals in it and if you simmer it down board a little bit it’s actually ordinarily sweet you can actually go down into a syrup alright so you’re going to in knife but you’re also going to attack a way to collect the resin so you’re also wanting a container I have like Pantene use a canteen cup you can use an improvised container from bark you know it slows the trees you can harvest bark from a container out of Bert’s being one of them but you wouldn’t need a pine resin to help seal it hit the holes out of it alright let me see something skip I just think right here will work hold it Franklin I wanted to do but here a little sick you’re basically going to get the bark off of the stick and you’re going to split it in half straight down the middle now you’re going to carve a little Gorge into it and that’s what your resin is going to flow down and into your vessel so let’s get the bark off of this all right so split right down the middle keep the blade away from you when something this small you can just press it straight in the middle like that let me just start prying push it in and then cross some more and just keep going until it splits like you want it that knot in the middle you get fit airy goes okay so now we have our half smooth it out a little bit then what you’re going to do is just carve a little Gorge straight down the middle right here just trying to create a small little ravine in there for it to flow down flip it over and do it on the other side see the little Gorge in there all right next thing you’re going to want to do she’s going to want to punch a hole in the tree hey you going to want to set your container out deep cut the rest so he returned trees the base of our tree where they need the base so we can just put a pot or container just directly below it to help make things a little bit simpler for us so push your container out okay I mean you know ba-ba-ba-ba me and once your knife you can also use a tomahawk if you have one to spike on the back that’s awesome so let’s get rid of some of this bark right here alright then we’re just going to touch a nice little hole in here so get a hole in there however you can now you can twist the knife roll around like this let’s make this whole little bit deeper just beat the knife in that helps sharpen this a little bit so it sticks in the tree and that’s a birch tap so right quick what I’m going to do I’m going to show you all my real taps I have that are actually set up to actually you know really collect resin and the juice so if I go this now it’s not an official tap because I don’t have a actual tapping implement but I do have a straw okay perfect size matching drill hole and this is all the resin I’ve collected so far and I stuck this tap out no more than an hour ago probably I’m deeper you make the hole the more fluids you want to get out at one time but just remember that after you’re done um try to plug the hole it’s just it’s beneficial for the tree if you plug the hole afterwards so be it use Han resident or in a few minutes and we got a little bit in there you know it’s slow so it’s not very deep so that’s how you make a tap to get clean drinking fluid out in the wild however I would not recommend you keep this out and open air for 24 hours as it can actually ferment.

Looking to sharpen your survival skills?

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Survival Cell Phone Recharge

My phone’s dead, well now what do i do? i’m totally stranded did you know that you can charge your phone with a car charger and a 9-watt battery and some house keys?

It’s actually quite simple just touch one side of the battery with the end of the car charger and the other side with the end of the key then press the key so that it touches the metallic part of the side of the charger you can see that when I do this, the blue light on the charger turns on this made me so excited when I saw this clip for the first time so secure the key onto the side and plug your charger cord into the charger and your phone connect your circuit and voila! You have power!

Phone Charger

So in case of emergencies i will keep a 9-watt battery in my car and with this I can charge my phone for long enough to make a phone call and get help desperate times calls for desperate measures, right?

Emergency Water filter

If you’re lost in the wild, dehydration is a huge problem so finding a source of drinking water is often the first priority for a survival. If all you can find is a dirty creek, then you may not have any option. But there’s a way to filter the water; first all, you need 2 containers and a piece of cloth. You may even  want to use the shirt on your back if you have nothing else.

Fill up one container with the dirty water and place it on something elevated. Place the empty clean container next to it and connect the bottles with a piece of cloth. This might take a while to get going but once it starts, its actually pretty fast the cloth will basically absorb and filter to clean the water and transfer it into the clean container with the help of gravity! After a while, you will have a clean container of water! Don’t drink this immediately because there might still be bacteria in it because this filter only cleans out debris.

Water Filter

The best thing is to boil it before drinking it but at least it will be clean when you do!


Rain Collector

Rain is often the safest source of clean drinking water but catching it can be pretty challenging and catching it with your mouth is not very efficient …but kinda fun. You can turn a plastic bottle into a very efficient water collector just cut the end of the bottle…

Cut the bottom of the container off and then cut 3/4 on the sides of the bottle bend each of them at the base to fan them out and now you have your own rain water catcher! Place another container underneath the opening and wait for your delicious drinking water to fill up this works so well! This is similarly out of nature’s book but copying the way a lot of plants collect rain water! The fanning of the petals can increase the surface area which rain is collected.

Rain Collector


How To Make Fire With An EMPTY Lighter

Today,  I want to show you how to establish fire with an empty lighter and actually make a fire in a survival situation.

It is one of the most important things in the wild as making a fire scares away predators, it keeps you warm in the night and it cooks your meat.  Cooking your food so it is safe to eat is probably one of the most important ones when it comes to survival but also don’t forget you can purify water with fire by boiling the water prior to drinking.


Sometimes you may have seen people leave trash in the wilderness. While this is bad and pollutes the great outdoors, trash can be treasure for survivalist when it come to getting a fire started. This is an old lighter that has been left behind here but it’s in pretty good condition, it’s still running except for the gas. The gas is already empty but the flame zone is still operating and today I want to show you how you can still make a flame with an empty lighter.

    Let’s get started!

So usually when you find an empty lighter you can take some dry grass and try to get the dry  grass lit with the sparks from the flame stone however today everything is pretty damp and wet. So I want to create my own tinder out of the plastic from the from the lighter body.

First thing that I’m going to do is I’m going to take my knife and I’ll start scrubbing off or shaving off of the lighter plastic.How To Make Fire With An EMPTY Lighter

Plastic scrapings

You’re just creating a small heap of plastic but the plastic won’t catch fire easily. Next, I work the trigger back and forth to let off some of the striker material to catch fire. So I’ll do that by now by collecting some of the dust inside of the lighter by merely moving the roller here gradually without generating a spark. I can collect a little bit of the dust on top of the lighter and then I just pour it on the plastic shavings.

Let’s try it out so here! I have prepared some tinder shavings and birch tree back to catch the flame.

How To Make Fire With An EMPTY Lighter
Tinder and Birch Tree Bark

First I ignite the tinder shavings then the birch tree bark. This get the fire started and then you can place larger sticks on the fire to maintain the fire.

If you are looking for a lighter that will  work in the wild even when there are damp conditions, consider:

This Free Everstrkye Match Will Always be Ready to Start a Fire Even After Being SOAKED in Water

This Free Everstrkye Match Will Always be Ready to Start a Fire Even After Being SOAKED in Water

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DIY Faraday Box Cage Construction for your Phone

A Faraday Box or Faraday Cage is a box lined with metal that will protect electronic devices in the very unfortunate event of an EMP or electomagnetic pulse attack. These attacks can be brought on by the detonation of a large conventional or nuclear warhead in the atmosphere well over our heads. The electrical waves of energy that would cross the continent would render electronic devices unable to operate to include computers, power plants and engines that use computers to operate.

As you can imagine the effects on a modern society like the United States would be devastating. The effects would be similar in other nations as well, even a third world nation would be affected but they are not as nearly dependent on electronic devices as we are here.

These effects can also be brought on by a CME or coronal mass ejection from the sun. CME is very similar to an EMP but the energy comes from the sun that is blown away from the Sun to the Earth by way of a solar flare and filament eruptions. These do happen occasionally where we can have problems with radio signals but Astronomers can generally give us a warning and let us know ahead of time. They do not happen very frequently where they cause great problems on Earth.

How Do You Build One?

Commonly used enclosures include metal garbage cans, popcorn tins, cookie tins and even tightly sealed metal filing cabinets.  One important things for all cages, the metal container must be lined with insulating material to prevent the delicate contents from having any contact whatsoever with the metal.  Examples of insulating material are rubber, wood, cardboard, styrofoam, and even carpet scraps.

Here is another basic cage you can build with very fine chicken wire around a wooden frame. Nothing fancy, furring strip will do, as long as the items do not touch the metal wire.

In an absolute emergency when you don’t have time to build a box, use your microwave oven. It doesn’t have the same protections as a well-prepared cage but it is better than nothing.

I’ve even seen ammo cans lined with a soft material used as a good basic and small cage.

What to Put in the Faraday Cage?

Anything electronic or has a chip, such as: credit cards, cell phones, laptops, cable tv converter hehe, radio and any USB storage devices.

How to Start a Fire without Matches

Knowing how to start a fire is so important for essential survival skills. If you have kids, they may have asked you a time or two, “how do you start a fire?” Knowing how to start a fire without matches is genuinely high-speed/low drag. Now if you have matches stashed all over, that’s great and even better if they are waterproof matches. But do you think they will work when you really need to make a fire? Just nod your head side to side. So let’s learn how to make a fire in the wild, true survival style!

We need three things to start a fire:

1) Tinder – materials which will readily ignite with a spark.
2) Kindling – Small pieces of grass, leaves and twigs
3) Wood – Sustaining fuel. (gradually increase the size of the wood)



So before you start, get some good, dry tinder. What’s the best tinder? Cotton Balls! A little spark will get them burning so long as they are dry. Put some in a sealed plastic bag and put it in your firestarter pail with some Vaseline. Cotton balls with Vaseline will burn very nicely for a few minutes.  You can also use almost any dead vegetation such as dry grass, crumpled up leaves, pine needles, inner bark or wood shavings.

How to Start a Fire without Matches
Dry Grass
How to Start a Fire without Matches
Pine Needles

Got any jute twine laying around? That’s pretty flammable, especially if you pull the strands apart. Whatever you use, make sure it’s dry and have kindling ready to go once you have the fire started.


Kindling can be many things such as pine cones and small branches. Once again, they must be dry to catch fire and it’s best to be less than an inch in diameter.

How to Start a Fire without Matches


Now look around for larger burning material. Bigger sticks or even logs split for campfire size is just fine. This will keep the fire going for some time and you don’t have to keep a constant eye on the fire. Now let’s get to the fire starting methods.

Fire Plough Method

How to Start a Fire without Matches
Fire Plough Method

Cut a groove in a board or a good sized branch. The spindle or another branch will run in this groove. Rub the tip of the spindle in the groove and have your tinder close by so when you develop embers, you can place the tinder on top of the ember. Blow a little air into the ember to help catch the tinder and FIRE!

Bow Drill Method

How to Start a Fire without Matches
Primitive Fire Starter

This is probably the best way to make fire without matches as you can control the friction action on a small area relatively easy. The socket is important to keep the shaft from making a hole in your hand and it can be just about anything.

The bow is a branch that will be bent and tied together with a string such as shoelace or some of the jute twine. Make the bow roughly the length of your arm for plenty of power to start the fire.

Cut a notch in the fireboard and place some tinder beneath the notch to catch the ember when you are ‘sawing’. The spindle should rotate pretty fast and in not much time you will be able to generate enough friction/heat to start pieces of the fireboard embers to catch the tinder.


9V Battery and Steel Wool Fire Starter

Fire from steel wool and a battery
How to Make Fire with a Battery?

Now this method is kinda fun so I had to throw it in here for a possible way to start a fire. Unroll some steel wool and rub the contacts of the 9 Volt battery against the steel wool and it will start burning pretty quick. Get your tinder on the wool and again you have fire.

Note: A charged battery is necessary for this to work and the stronger the charge in the battery the quicker the wool will catch fire.

Everstryke – Waterproof Emergency Firestarter – Flint Fire Starter

How to Start a Fire without Matches
Flint Fire Starter

No this is not a match! It is a basic flint system. Pull the serrated handle out of the unit and strike across the edge of the unit to get a flame. No fuel required for this system and you get over 15,000 strikes. Lots of fires!!

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The Everstrkye Match Will Always be Ready to Start a Fire Even After Being SOAKED in Water

  • Has it all: Contains the ferro rod and wick in one all-inclusive fire starting kit that fits conveniently in your pocket
  • Strikes hot, burns hot: Ferro rod strikes at over 3,000 degrees and flame burns at over 600 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Long Lasting: Each match is capable of 15,000 long burning strikes. Built in O-Ring keeps fuel from evaporating indefinitely ( A Zippo can run dry in as little as a week!)
  • Easy to use: If you can strike a match you can start a fire (and this one won’t burn your fingertips)
  • Ultimate survival tool: In a survival situation a fire is life, this tool will make sure that you can start a fire whenever, wherever you need it

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After you get the fire started, you put some kindling on the burning tinder. Once the kindling get going, put some wood on the burning kindling. You can place the wood on the fire in a teepee, pyramid or log cabin method, either way will keep the fire going and you will have succeeded in making a fire without matches.

How to Start a Fire without Matches

There you have it, a quick and dirty primitive fire starting primer with some newer ideas with steel wool, batteries and flint starter that is not so primitive.

How to Make Water Safe to Drink

Human beings can go about a week without food but no more than a few days without water. Which is why it is so important to be able to find safe drinking water and if you can’t find it, make it! Water is also important enough that scientists believe that in order to find life beyond Earth, water is essential. So it’s necessary for us and whoever else is out there.

If possible, try to drink safe clean water to avoid getting sick. Anything that does not belong in water such as microbial and organic contaminants can make you sick. We will discuss 3 main methods of purifying water. There is also a cheating method of making clean and safe water with filters down below, if you want to know more Click Here.

Before doing these methods, allow the water to sit in a bottle for about 10 minutes to allow the physical contaminants to settle to the bottom. Pour off the top 3/4 of the bottle and you are ready to move to the next step.

How to Make Water Safe to Drink

5 sec                      30 sec                  1 min                     5 min

TIP: You can also us a coffee filter to get rid of sediment in the water by running the water through the coffee filter.

  Boiling (Very Easy)

  1. Bring the clear water to a rolling boil for 1 minute (above 6,500 feet, boil for three minutes).
  2. Let the boiled water cool.
  3. Store the boiled water in clean sanitized* containers with watertight covers.

*For clarification, a few drops of bleach in 1/2 cup of water will sanitize the container.

This is the easiest method to purify tap water at home.


How to Make Water Safe to Drink
Bleach, 1% typical

Disinfectant (unscented household liquid chlorine bleach)

If supplied, follow directions on bottle to make drinking water. If not, continue reading….

  1. Based on 1% concentration of sodium hypochlorite use the following amounts:

For 1 quart of water use 10 drops of bleach from a dropper OR 1/8 of a teaspoon of bleach

For 1 gallon of water use 40 drops of bleach from a dropper OR 1/2 of a teaspoon of bleach

2. Shake the mixture up well and allow to sit for 30 minutes.

3. Store the boiled water in clean sanitized* containers with watertight covers



This process involves boiling water then collecting the vapor that condenses back to water.

  1. Fill a pot halfway with water.
  2. Tie a cup to the handle on the pot’s lid so the cup dangles right side up while the lid is upside down to collect the water.

This is also a safe way to make salt or ocean water safe to drink as the salts will remain in the pot.

How to Make Water Safe to Drink


How to make water safe to drink
Aquathin KT90 Kitchentop Water Purification System

There are too many filter to discuss here on the market. If you want to take a look at a few highly rated water filters,  Click Here. Read the packaging to see if it purifies water from unknown sources. This is a topic for another time but this is more of a prepared survivalist to have the proper drinking water filter to make water safe to drink before the filter is needed.


Water Storage


Here are some very nice 7 gallon water containers from Amazon.


  • Rigid, 7-gallon rectangular water container with molded contour grip
  • Space-saving design for easy storing and stacking when empty
  • New and improved screw-on vent; hideaway spigot for on-demand water dispensing
  • Suitable for outdoors activities and emergency water storage
  • Five-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects